About Us

JSC “Arevik” has been founded in 1997 and is valid on Vardanats 24, and also since 2012 on Komitas 54. JSC “Arevik” cooperates with the following firms: “DULUX” (Britain), “PUFAS” (Germany), “MAKO” (Germany), “INTERCOLOR” (Italy), “OASIS” ( ).The companies, which JSC “Arevik” deals with, are considered to be one of the leading companies in the world, by producing ecologically pure and high-quality products. “Arevik” is one of the first companies that purchased for the devices, which enable the realization of incredible tints in interior design. Our devices belong to such prominent firms as “DULUX” and “OASIS”, and they can get more than 1000 different tints.
The customer chooses the suitable color from the catalogue, and with the help of computer programming the device immediately obtains the required tint. We also have decorative paints, which enable great capabilities in the face-lift. With the help of these particular paints the specialists can obtain various types of relief images that lick the flat into the unorthodox and luxurious shape. The main peculiarity that distinguishes us in the market is our wide variety of products, which is approved by the international consumer, and which we offer simultaneously with the qualitative service and professional recommendations.
The costumers that look for up-to-date and rare products are directed to us, as far as they`ll always find the things, they are looking for. We give you the possibility not only to purchase for the paints, electric apparatus, conducting tracks, wires, coatings, oil paints, lamps, glues, cornices, conditioners, various wallpapers, but also, what is equally important, for the set of tools, brushes and horticultural equipment. “Arevik” offers a wide variety for interior and exterior design that meets the modern requirements and standards of the first-rate international producers, which are well-known for their new approaches, proposing solutions for the future.